Monday, April 21, 2008

I waste a LOT of my company's time by searching random sites on the internet. Most of the crap I come across is restricted by the firewall. But sometimes, once in a blue moon, I'll stumble upon some gem. Thus, I found is a site where the dregs of IRC chats can post some of the most inane garbage ever to be considered a form of communication. For example, I give you this posting. Enjoy.

Spoon35: (Random website link to a picture of Kelly Hu that I had to take down because it was pure spyware. You're welcome, readers!)

SenorWeird: who?

Momog: hehe

SenorWeird: who is that?

Momog: kelly hu = the wolverine chick from xmen

SenorWeird: Kelly who?

Spoon35: exactly!

SenorWeird: Kelly Exactly?

Momog: heh

Momog: it's a trap!

SenorWeird: Just tell me the chick's name. It's Kelly what?

Spoon35: Hu.

SenorWeird: ?!

SenorWeird: The chick you just posted a picture of!

Spoon35: Hu

SenorWeird: That's what I wanna know! Kelly who!

Spoon35: exactly!

SenorWeird: So it's Kelly Exactly!

* Marty11 Laughs in the strange confusion

Spoon35: Hu.

SenorWeird: The girl in the picture you posted is Kelly Exactly

Momog: Hu, Kelly.

Momog: HA!

SenorWeird: Yes, Kelly, Momog.

Spoon35: Kelly Momog??

SenorWeird: Kelly Exactly

Momog: doh

SenorWeird: Okay, you know what? Forget this.

SenorWeird: Let's talk about that hot chick in Mulholland Drive and The Ring.

SenorWeird: What's her name?

Momog: who?

SenorWeird: her name

Spoon35: Watts.

SenorWeird: yes, I think my question was quite clear.

Spoon35: Watts.

* Momog covers his ears and screams

SenorWeird: are you not understanding me?

SenorWeird: Who is the chick from The Ring?

Spoon35: I think I understand. you want to know Watts.

SenorWeird: Not What, who. Who is the chick from The Ring.

Spoon35: no, Watts is the chick from the Ring

SenorWeird: Who is?

Spoon35: no, she was in X2

SenorWeird: What?!

Spoon35: exactly.

SenorWeird: Exactly was in X2. okay.

SenorWeird: so then Who was in the ring?

Spoon35: Hu was.SenorWeird: Who was in the ring?

Spoon35: no. Watts was in the Ring. Hu was in X2.

SenorWeird: Exactly. Now, let's get back to the Ring. What's that chick's name?

Spoon35: watts.

SenorWeird: okay, I'm lost.

SenorWeird: What's the name of the chick from X2?

Spoon35: no, Watts is the name of the chick from the

RingSenorWeird: Forget about the ring. I don't want to hear about Who was in the ring.

Spoon35: watts

SenorWeird: Am I not clear? Who was in X2?

Spoon35: yes.

SenorWeird: Yes?

SenorWeird: Yes what?

Spoon35: Yes Hu! No Watts.

SenorWeird: ....

SenorWeird: What?!

Momog: i am logging this and using it as blackmail against you both

SenorWeird: oh, this is either genius or stupidity.


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